Thursday, April 23, 2009

What a Wednesday

So yesterday did a ton of reports made my head spin… talked with my mom shes about to go in surgery in a few weeks…she found out she has skin cancer :( its really scary I thought I was done worrying about her after her kidney transplant when I was a jr in high school … She had PKD (polycystic kidney disease)it runs in the family .. every generation has had it.. but im the 1st to report my ultra sound of the kidneys came back clear :) There is a bigger chance now that my sister will have it but we are a match so if that were the case we’ve all already decided mine will go to her. LOL then she’ll never get rid of me haha. Went home at lunch yesterday made myself my lil dinner/snack for 2nd job .
Then I did:
- 40 Crunches
- 2 Planks for 30 seconds

Got ready for work in the bathroom at work


After .. :)

lol.. then off to work I went oo the fun of multiple jobs
Last night worked till 6-11 after already working 8-5:30 ugh…
Got home what a surprise boyfriend had for me when I got to my apt.
It was our anniversary… HOORAYYYY
He Brought me flowers (WHICH I LOVE .. gerbera daisies are my fav.. then Lillis .. Orchids,, and sunflowers)

i heart him
And with the help of his amazing sister he supported me in my current health kick an made me dinner

We finished off the night watching Jon an Kate plus 8 and Food Network Challenges

Food Journal 4/22
(I always eat always an I wasn’t starving at all yesterday soo that’s a good change because my stomach is always wanting more)
This is all thru the day mind you spread out

-1 ½ smores poptarts (cant help it I love them so)
-1 cup of peaches
-1 lil baggy of Life cereal (Looooovveeee Life)
-2 Healthy choice cheese sticks (Really tasty)
-1 small glass of 2% milk w/ nesquick (I cant seem to make the change to skim milk)
-2 cups of water
-1 boiled egg
-2 Pieces of fat free Lunch meat (Healthy Choice Honey Ham)
-1 Small serving of Wheat Ravioli Cheese pasta covered with a lil bit of spaghetti sauce (3 cheese) and sprinkled with Asiago cheese (BEST CHEESE EVER)
-1/3 cup of green beans
-1 glass of milk w/ nesquick (what it was a long day I needed the chocolate goodness)
-1 Tuna salad Sandwich on whole wheat bread
-1 small serving of carrot chips
-6 or so strawberries covered w. low fat yogurt

That wrapped up Wed

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