Saturday, April 25, 2009

Finally Friday !!!

Worked until noon an then headed to the family that I am sitting for the weekend.

Yea all this for just
2 1/2 DAYS .. yeahhhhhh

Headed out

We started out with lunches and I made myself a nice salad :) YUM

Then we went to mudpie which is like my fav place..I didn’t paint but I helped Noah who had never painted before…

He was nervous the paint would turn him green an he would never be white again lol.


After painting we went home an played some video games while I caught up on some email. Then we went to Joes Crab Shack .. sat right next to the playground.. the kids loved it. When we arrived they just started doin the cupid shuffle ..Maddie started to do it but she didn’t know all the steps I told her id teach her. Dannyboy was late an didn’t end up showing till the end but he made it there… Eventually lol.. I wanted o so badly some fried shrimp … but instead I got the salmon w. apricot sauce, broccoli, and yellow rice. I asked for brown but they didn’t seem to have any which sucked but you cant win them all ya know. Noah got the chicken fingers go fig

an Maddie went outside of the box an decided she wanted to try snow crab.. when it arrived she didn’t understand she thought the crab came outside of the crab not inside… so I did what my mom did until I learned how to crack crab.. I showed her an then cracked them all open enough to get all the meat. We came home in just the nic of time because it started to pour… badly.


We started dancing.. taught the cupid shuffle then we had a dance around the room . Followed by hours of wii games an cookies…

I must admit I had one an snacked on a small handful of these new cheetos … I cant imagine they are great for you but compared to the other cheetos they are a tad bit better. Noah was the 1st one down with a bed time story.. Maddie followed . Danny an I then went to the garage that they had turned into a gym .. I was in a great mood full of energy

My Workout.
- I ran for 7 mintues
-I walked for 7 minutes varying between a 15 to 20 incline
-walked backwards on a incline for 1 minutes an sideway on each side for 1 minute.
-1 plank for 30s
- Did 20 to 30 crunches with a medicine ball held up in the air by my feet
-20 triceps with medicine ball
-15 curls with medicine ball
Then “JUMP JUMP” came on while we were watching Happy Gilmore and we just got up an started dancing around crazy.
*My medicine ball is only 5lbs
Then I cleaned up an went to bed… What Friday.. on to Saturday
My food Journal:
-1 whole wheat toast w/ jam
-1/2 Banana
-2 small baggy of Life Cereal
-1 cup of half green tea half reg.. (sounds weird trying to wean myself off of reg.)
-1 salad w/ Red Wine Vinaigrette (includes – ½ red bell pep, ½ Raw Zucchini, ½ can of tuna, 3 cherry tomatoes, Arugula, Spinach Leaves, 1 small Kosher pickle, 1 Carrot, Sprinkled parmesan)
-1 cheese stick healthy choice
-1 salmon filet w/ apricot sauce
-1 serving of steamed broccoli
-1 serving yellow rice
-2 teas
-1 cookie
-2 Rolos
-5 cheetoes all natural
-1 cup of water



  1. nothing wrong with packing extra stuff...a girls gotta have options!

  2. you are sooo cute :)

    hahaha...i carry soooo much stuff just for being gone for a short amount of time! its ridiculous!!!

    & i LOVEEEEE rolos :)

  3. What a great Joes Meal! looks refreshing! YEa, some restaurants fail to move into the 21st century health craze with us and dont offer brown rice! :( But it's all good!

  4. hey girl! i changed my blog address!! not sure if it will automatically switch over in the blogroll links or not - but it is

    love you!