Friday, April 24, 2009

The End… of Thursday that is…

Ca Ca Ca call me Miss Productiveeee

Whoo HOOOO I was productive.. trust me im just as shocked!!!So story a few days ago I bit my lip while I was working my 2nd job at Express.. 1st time.. bit in the same spot like right thru (2nd) was drinking water mind you an some how bit it again.. SAME spot (3rd) it goes on totally by midnight the same night I had bit it 6 times.. now im a whiner… like I really can be annoying sometimes if im in pain usually I don’t but when it comes to my mouth I like freak out (ex I have to get Novocain at the dentist office for a cleaning).. im a wimp I know.. anyways it would not heal an its really hard to brush your teeth an eat while holding one side of your lip out bc everytime you touch it kills me.. so corey (acts like my older sister) put alcohol on it finally yesterday … an I about died!!!! It was amusing to say the least.. still hurts but it’s a work in progress anyways yes that was gross but I had to share..

Corey applying her med touch.. i cried .. no i really really did..feel free to watch

Lol. So yesterday after work ended like 5:30ish went home to the casa (which is currently a disaster zone) got ready (washed the face .. duh) an went to the gym with corey.We did a lil work out just to get pumped I was in a really great mood I had energy I was thinking in my head all the things I needed to get done.. (at the same time going crazy because I left my planner an my notebook of lists at work (ekkkk) they are my life line I swear its sad lol) Our work out while watching the new show we stumbled on at work that carol was telling up about (other co worker) CALLED “””” TOUGH LOVE””” let me be the 1st to say im not a huge VH1 MTV reality tv buff but this show was so bad I was cracking up .. my fav is miss guided shes so sweet but some ppl on that show need a psych evaluation (ex this one lady asks her cats for advice.. her cats .. yeahhhhh)

Rawr arms haha


6 minutes running
5 minutes biking at level 20 resistance
5 minutes power walking
50 crunches
10 sit up
2 sets of 10 curls
2 sets of 10 triceps
10 wall squats (danny those flippin’ hurt)

An then we stretched

Called Boyfriend noo picky upyyy

Headed to tan ..My car still got decor from bday
Came back home (washed face again) plucked eye brows bc I cant stand going to tan an then after plucking them an then you have all these lil white spots .. I usually get them waxed but pay day wasn’t till Friday .. yeahhh paycheck to paycheck yeppie lol… went an tanned.. hooray I haven’t been in forever (naturally im like porcelain white with pink cheeks.. gotta love the German heritage ..(from my dads side his whole fam is from there he was born in Wiesbaden. Germany)). Came home washed face again showered .. made din din.. o it was good

Tanning salon...

Made me a baller dinner

brown rice yummmyyy

just outta the oven

Finished ....

O with nesquick for shizz haha i like mason jars

Ate dinner finished watching Gossip Girl then headed to boyfriends to watch The office (I love Pam an JIM love them so cute) an matchmaker millionaire. Went home finished all my dishes .. YES (AIR PUNCH) cleaned my entire kitchen. Did a load of wash. Danny helped pick up trash an random things (im a pack rat everythin i swear has sentimental value) . Packed because I am babysitting on Friday till Sunday for 2 of the cutest kids. The family has taken me in as like another child they are so sweet. I was heard them arguing which I thought wasn’t like them I run into the living room to see what it was about an they were playing rock band yelling at the other one to keep up.. I mean how cool are these parents.. ( I love guitar hero more thou)So the kids an I will be having some Adventures…
O an last Thursday I weighed 123.6 an this Thursday I weigh 122.4 .. sweet slow but steady

-1/2 piece of jammed whole wheat toast
-2 pieces of lunch meat fat free health choice honey ham
-1 cheese stick health choice
-1 slice of 2% cheese
-1 baggy red bell peppers (half bell pep)
-1 baggy of Lays baked sour cream an onion chips
-4 whole grain crackers with organic pb
-1 peach up
-2 cups of water
-1/2 brown rice with chili powder an celery seed (in my dinner)
-1 chicken breast w. a drizzle of bbq sauce (I usually cake it on but not this time) (in my dinner)
-1 glass of nesquick
-1 cup of mixed veggies(in my dinner)
-1 small chopped up white mushroom(in my dinner)
-1/4 of chopped red onion (in my dinner)
-1 small bag of m&m minis


  1. Your squeal on the video is hysterical! And that's easy for me to say because I wasn't the one in pain!