Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mondays are overrated

I was at work till flippin 1:32AM I know right …. It was horrid .. I ate bad but I feel that I worked it off I was running around all night doing floor sets here an there… It sucked.. an then I caved an bought a cute shirts an some camis… ooo I didn’t like the end total .. at all at all. I ended up eating chick fila I couldn’t help it. I didn’t really get a wink of sleep with all the storms last night it poured all night long. GOODNESS.
My Monday Food Journal 4/27:

-1/2 WW bagel w/ jam
-5 blackberries
-2 waters
-1 handful of trail mix
-1 handful of life cereal
-1 banana
-1 small cute lil orange (lol ha the things that amuse me)
-1 serving of leftovers (pesto pasta an green beans)
-1 medium tea
-2 chicken strips
-1 small fry
-3 pieces of healthy choice lunch meat
-1 healthy choice cheese stick
Tink Tink Tuesday
(love katt williams... so funny)
Woke up still RAINING!!!!!!
Rain Rain Go Away Come Back another day when i dont want to work out..
So currently im sitting on hold with the dentist ppl an it is just beyond me how you cant schedule a time with the dentist an the hygienist on the same day.. how hard is that grrrr. So thankfully tonight I do not have work so my plan is to go tan after work an then go work out… I mean ill already smell lol I love the look of tan but hate how you smell right when you get out of the bed… ewww I have a to do list ok here it is

-Paint my toes (serious need of polish)
-Do Dishes
-Clean up living room
-Do laundry
-Make Dinner
-Watch a movie (OR catch up on Gossip Girl an Heroes)
-Read or something of that nature
-Pack tomorrows lunch
Wednesday night I am going to have dinner with my wonderful mom whom I adore I cant wait :) My sister and I currently are not speaking I don’t doubt this will continue much longer.. until she needs my help with prom (I do all her an her friends hair an makeup what not have been since the 6th grade) sooo she’ll come around she just doesnt want to admit she is wrong. I just have issues on how unappreciative she is of other esp. my parents. It really kills me the way she acts towards them . I mean by no means was I a saint um no not at all but I got my wild an crazy side out an I hit rock bottom.. I got back up an it been a rocky road each day but I am such a better person now than I was an that’s all I can ask for. But its to the point where my parentals told me they would rather her go thru the wild an crazy stage I went thru then continue to act how she is acting. She is a really great girl I love her dearly but she is a brat. She wont care about anyone or anything unless it benefits her an it just drives me nutz . She has all these opportunities an such a great life but she just could care less thinking that she deserves everything an more without a care of others… I hope its just a phase lol that’s what I keep telling myself its just a phase she will eventually grow out of it .. I did.. its just nerve racking sometimes. Anyways gotta get back to work.



Monday, April 27, 2009

Mourning late night shift Monday


Woke UP at 7:35 without totally hating life then I remembered I work my night job tonight till flippin 12a Ugh NOT LIKING IT AT ALL
Packed all my snacks an lunch an what not.. thought I got everything then remembered I forgot my clothes for work tonight arg!!
Doubt ill work out tonight ill be again to tired but im off tues wed so I plan to kick but in the gym

My 25 Random things… Thanks goes to Em

-I have traveled all my life been to 27 states if not more an have also been to Canada, Cancun, Puerto Rico, Panama Canal, and Paris
-My hair is naturally curly but I usually straighten it
-I wear glasses or contacts
-I am double jointed in one of my arms..(I fell out of a tree when I was little an broke it)
-Being 9 + Playing lil mermaid in the bathtub + Ceramic soap dish =I have a dent in the back of my head
-90% of the time I tan.. I tan with a palm tree sticker always have
-Supported myself since I was 16
-A lot of ppl think my sister an I are twins but were actually 5 years apart
-My 1st date with Danny just the 2 of us .. was at a bar watching the Skins vs the boys.. skins lost.. tear .. but I got 3 bulls in darts that night one of which when my glasses were off
-I would love to live on the East Coast someday in a Victorian Style house with a porch swing.. and some land lol (yeah I’ve given it some thought)
-I have 1 tattoo that I got to signify 2 years which on August 28th it will be 5 years … To remind myself of the person I was .. an the reasons that I have chosen to be the person I am now…
-My eyes change colors they are both blue an green.. I dunno why they change they just do …
-I used to be in gymnastics, cheerleading, dance and cross country
-My favorite holiday is Halloween because its so much fun to dress up.. Christmas is a close 2nd because I love all the décor
-I need to get my tonsils out .. I am always sick at least once a month an have been for the past 3years… yea it needs to happen
-Get zoned into movies an tv shows an I tune real ppl out
-My top 3 heart throbs are Ryan Phillippe, Channing Tatum, Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen.. cant help it)
-I can pretty much quote word for word .. Shawshank Redemption, Grandmas Boy, Monty Python and the search for the Holy Grail and about 600 other movies
-I have never been camping before but have always wanted to go
-I was born in my bathroom in the house we lived at the time.. hit my head on the floor which explains how I have come to be (or at least that the excuse I use)
-I often talk in accents or make funny noises just cause
-I hate ranch.. the closest I have ever come to it .. is the creamy spicy jalapeño dip at Chuys (Loves it)
-I hate when movies try to make chicks that are girly be bad ass… I just cant buy it im sorry the only chick I think that can pull that off Michelle Rodriguez.
-I love asparagus
-O an Im in love… (yes I know its cheesy to put that in there but hey cant help it)

Weekend Recap

Sit on my Behind Saturday….

So tryin to recall the past few days im exhausted UGH.. The kids insisted on playing wii till lunch time. I snacked on a nice fruit plate I made myself an caught up on email an some reading..


Currently read “How to be Lovely “ a book of Audrey Hepburns life .. I adore her (the books about her life an quotes she said an her outlook on life)

I made myself a turkey burger on whole wheat bread .. it was ok but no substitute for a hamburger.. o im craving Fuddruckers now.. darn it

Then we went an to lowes to help danny find some paint … The kids decided to sing the K I S S I N G song … the entire time lol … after that we got snow cones had not had one in awhile it was very refreshing.

It started to sprinkle so we went home an watch some tv. Then we went to walmart to get ingredients for spaghetti ..I made mine with on the side with whole wheat noodles and in my sauce I added chicken cilantro shallots and onion.. yummy. (I later found out they don’t like spaghetti just the noodles ..)

We sat down an watched Wallace and Gromit the curse of the Wererabbit .. too cute.. Then we watched disney’s Hercules .. they took baths an put the kids to bed.. I was beat so I didn’t work out.

Food Journal 4/25

½ Apple
1 banana
6 blackberries
2 strawberries
1 cookie ( couldn’t help it)
½ roasted zucchini
1 roasted carrot
4 roasted broccolis
1 turkey burger w/ cheese
3 whole piece of whole wheat bread
1 handful of cheetoes
1 serving of corn
1 serving of whole wheat pasta w/ spaghetti sauce(w. cilantro,chicken,onions and shallots)
1 capri sun
2 waters

Sizzling Sunday

Had a huge argument with my sister OMG don’t even get me started. Made breakfast for the kids snack on some fruit. Went to walmart to pick up are next activity .. Side Walk Chalk .. Yeahhh. It was a pretty day outside so we decided to draw


AN play with bubbles.. Then we walked to the park .. I played tag for a bit an then walked around the slides an swing sets a few times while they played. Went home an watched back to back Scooby doos….

Snacked on buttered noodles… (I learned my lesson about kids an sauces) The parentals came home an relieved me of my duties so Danny an I went an got me swim suits!!!! Hoooorayyy… Then I went to golf course an read while he tried out his new driver. DRUMMMMROOLLLLLL THEN we went to KROGER… HOOORAYYY FOR NEW FOODS…. I bought a ton of fruit veggies whole wheats etc etc.. I was so proud. I made us a nice pesto dinner with whole wheat cheese tortellini.


My snacks for tom. ...

CHeessseeeee.. i can't help myself lol

Some fat free lunch meat

Blackberries an what not

For some odd reason i like older bananas dunno y

Finish pesto product!!
Finished out the night catching up on our shows.. Jon an Kate plus 8 go green.. Fantasy factory .. and Tough Love.
OO I don’t wanna go to work tomorrow im beat :)Grr didn’t work out again I was still really tired.

Food Journal:4/26

1 bananna
2 healthy choice cheese sticks
1 capri sun
1 baggy of cheetoes
1 small serving of whole wheat noodles with unsalted butter
5 pretzels
1 serving of Pesto on whole wheat tortellini..(w. mushrooms chicken shallots onions)
1 serving of green beans
1 blackberry
1 handful of life
1 huge slice of water melon
2 waters w. lemon

???Thinking about investing in a small scale so I can stop using “baggy” as a measurement an actually know how much im eating.. THOUGHTS???

So ends the weekend

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Finally Friday !!!

Worked until noon an then headed to the family that I am sitting for the weekend.

Yea all this for just
2 1/2 DAYS .. yeahhhhhh

Headed out

We started out with lunches and I made myself a nice salad :) YUM

Then we went to mudpie which is like my fav place..I didn’t paint but I helped Noah who had never painted before…

He was nervous the paint would turn him green an he would never be white again lol.


After painting we went home an played some video games while I caught up on some email. Then we went to Joes Crab Shack .. sat right next to the playground.. the kids loved it. When we arrived they just started doin the cupid shuffle ..Maddie started to do it but she didn’t know all the steps I told her id teach her. Dannyboy was late an didn’t end up showing till the end but he made it there… Eventually lol.. I wanted o so badly some fried shrimp … but instead I got the salmon w. apricot sauce, broccoli, and yellow rice. I asked for brown but they didn’t seem to have any which sucked but you cant win them all ya know. Noah got the chicken fingers go fig

an Maddie went outside of the box an decided she wanted to try snow crab.. when it arrived she didn’t understand she thought the crab came outside of the crab not inside… so I did what my mom did until I learned how to crack crab.. I showed her an then cracked them all open enough to get all the meat. We came home in just the nic of time because it started to pour… badly.


We started dancing.. taught the cupid shuffle then we had a dance around the room . Followed by hours of wii games an cookies…

I must admit I had one an snacked on a small handful of these new cheetos … I cant imagine they are great for you but compared to the other cheetos they are a tad bit better. Noah was the 1st one down with a bed time story.. Maddie followed . Danny an I then went to the garage that they had turned into a gym .. I was in a great mood full of energy

My Workout.
- I ran for 7 mintues
-I walked for 7 minutes varying between a 15 to 20 incline
-walked backwards on a incline for 1 minutes an sideway on each side for 1 minute.
-1 plank for 30s
- Did 20 to 30 crunches with a medicine ball held up in the air by my feet
-20 triceps with medicine ball
-15 curls with medicine ball
Then “JUMP JUMP” came on while we were watching Happy Gilmore and we just got up an started dancing around crazy.
*My medicine ball is only 5lbs
Then I cleaned up an went to bed… What Friday.. on to Saturday
My food Journal:
-1 whole wheat toast w/ jam
-1/2 Banana
-2 small baggy of Life Cereal
-1 cup of half green tea half reg.. (sounds weird trying to wean myself off of reg.)
-1 salad w/ Red Wine Vinaigrette (includes – ½ red bell pep, ½ Raw Zucchini, ½ can of tuna, 3 cherry tomatoes, Arugula, Spinach Leaves, 1 small Kosher pickle, 1 Carrot, Sprinkled parmesan)
-1 cheese stick healthy choice
-1 salmon filet w/ apricot sauce
-1 serving of steamed broccoli
-1 serving yellow rice
-2 teas
-1 cookie
-2 Rolos
-5 cheetoes all natural
-1 cup of water


Friday, April 24, 2009

The End… of Thursday that is…

Ca Ca Ca call me Miss Productiveeee

Whoo HOOOO I was productive.. trust me im just as shocked!!!So story a few days ago I bit my lip while I was working my 2nd job at Express.. 1st time.. bit in the same spot like right thru (2nd) was drinking water mind you an some how bit it again.. SAME spot (3rd) it goes on totally by midnight the same night I had bit it 6 times.. now im a whiner… like I really can be annoying sometimes if im in pain usually I don’t but when it comes to my mouth I like freak out (ex I have to get Novocain at the dentist office for a cleaning).. im a wimp I know.. anyways it would not heal an its really hard to brush your teeth an eat while holding one side of your lip out bc everytime you touch it kills me.. so corey (acts like my older sister) put alcohol on it finally yesterday … an I about died!!!! It was amusing to say the least.. still hurts but it’s a work in progress anyways yes that was gross but I had to share..

Corey applying her med touch.. i cried .. no i really really did..feel free to watch

Lol. So yesterday after work ended like 5:30ish went home to the casa (which is currently a disaster zone) got ready (washed the face .. duh) an went to the gym with corey.We did a lil work out just to get pumped I was in a really great mood I had energy I was thinking in my head all the things I needed to get done.. (at the same time going crazy because I left my planner an my notebook of lists at work (ekkkk) they are my life line I swear its sad lol) Our work out while watching the new show we stumbled on at work that carol was telling up about (other co worker) CALLED “””” TOUGH LOVE””” let me be the 1st to say im not a huge VH1 MTV reality tv buff but this show was so bad I was cracking up .. my fav is miss guided shes so sweet but some ppl on that show need a psych evaluation (ex this one lady asks her cats for advice.. her cats .. yeahhhhh)

Rawr arms haha


6 minutes running
5 minutes biking at level 20 resistance
5 minutes power walking
50 crunches
10 sit up
2 sets of 10 curls
2 sets of 10 triceps
10 wall squats (danny those flippin’ hurt)

An then we stretched

Called Boyfriend noo picky upyyy

Headed to tan ..My car still got decor from bday
Came back home (washed face again) plucked eye brows bc I cant stand going to tan an then after plucking them an then you have all these lil white spots .. I usually get them waxed but pay day wasn’t till Friday .. yeahhh paycheck to paycheck yeppie lol… went an tanned.. hooray I haven’t been in forever (naturally im like porcelain white with pink cheeks.. gotta love the German heritage ..(from my dads side his whole fam is from there he was born in Wiesbaden. Germany)). Came home washed face again showered .. made din din.. o it was good

Tanning salon...

Made me a baller dinner

brown rice yummmyyy

just outta the oven

Finished ....

O with nesquick for shizz haha i like mason jars

Ate dinner finished watching Gossip Girl then headed to boyfriends to watch The office (I love Pam an JIM love them so cute) an matchmaker millionaire. Went home finished all my dishes .. YES (AIR PUNCH) cleaned my entire kitchen. Did a load of wash. Danny helped pick up trash an random things (im a pack rat everythin i swear has sentimental value) . Packed because I am babysitting on Friday till Sunday for 2 of the cutest kids. The family has taken me in as like another child they are so sweet. I was heard them arguing which I thought wasn’t like them I run into the living room to see what it was about an they were playing rock band yelling at the other one to keep up.. I mean how cool are these parents.. ( I love guitar hero more thou)So the kids an I will be having some Adventures…
O an last Thursday I weighed 123.6 an this Thursday I weigh 122.4 .. sweet slow but steady

-1/2 piece of jammed whole wheat toast
-2 pieces of lunch meat fat free health choice honey ham
-1 cheese stick health choice
-1 slice of 2% cheese
-1 baggy red bell peppers (half bell pep)
-1 baggy of Lays baked sour cream an onion chips
-4 whole grain crackers with organic pb
-1 peach up
-2 cups of water
-1/2 brown rice with chili powder an celery seed (in my dinner)
-1 chicken breast w. a drizzle of bbq sauce (I usually cake it on but not this time) (in my dinner)
-1 glass of nesquick
-1 cup of mixed veggies(in my dinner)
-1 small chopped up white mushroom(in my dinner)
-1/4 of chopped red onion (in my dinner)
-1 small bag of m&m minis

Thursday, April 23, 2009

To Do Thursday

Currently Listen - Matt Nathonson ..Come on get Higher

Song that’s playing in my head – Counting to a hundred by Matt Wertz
Listening back in forth between the tv an my playlists.

Woke up not wanting to get outta bed go fig.. it toke 3 phone calls to get me out of bed (1 from boyfriend 1 from corey 1from boyfriend)
Finally got up showered .. scrubbed the face(face cleanliness is like one my biggest pep eves I probably wash an scrub my face like 4 to 5 times a day)
Then I packed todays breakfast snacks an lunch :) my coworker an I are doing this together trying be healthy an work out .. so yesterday she went an bought some healthy snacks an we keep swapping … Our tips come from the one an only Em… again Genius .. cant wait for her to come home so pick her brain :) Check it out….

This includes 2 low fats yogurts an strawberries to dip them in .. Baggy of life cereal, baked lays chip,cut up red bell peps (love bell peps), carrot chips, Toasted whole wheat bread w. jam, 2 slices of fat free healthy choice lunch meat (honey ham) and 3 pieces of 2% cheese...
So list making is one of my other compulsions I list make like crazy I have tons of notebooks from over the years
Today not in any order
-Finish making my grocery list
-Do my reports and file
-Work out
-Meet up with the mom to chat
-Do my dishes
-Do some wash
-Have game night with boyfriend an lovely Linda
Quote to think about :
Each player must accept the cards life deals him or her: but once they are in hand, he or she alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game.-- Voltaire

What a Wednesday

So yesterday did a ton of reports made my head spin… talked with my mom shes about to go in surgery in a few weeks…she found out she has skin cancer :( its really scary I thought I was done worrying about her after her kidney transplant when I was a jr in high school … She had PKD (polycystic kidney disease)it runs in the family .. every generation has had it.. but im the 1st to report my ultra sound of the kidneys came back clear :) There is a bigger chance now that my sister will have it but we are a match so if that were the case we’ve all already decided mine will go to her. LOL then she’ll never get rid of me haha. Went home at lunch yesterday made myself my lil dinner/snack for 2nd job .
Then I did:
- 40 Crunches
- 2 Planks for 30 seconds

Got ready for work in the bathroom at work


After .. :)

lol.. then off to work I went oo the fun of multiple jobs
Last night worked till 6-11 after already working 8-5:30 ugh…
Got home ..an what a surprise boyfriend had for me when I got to my apt.
It was our anniversary… HOORAYYYY
He Brought me flowers (WHICH I LOVE .. gerbera daisies are my fav.. then Lillis .. Orchids,, and sunflowers)

i heart him
And with the help of his amazing sister he supported me in my current health kick an made me dinner

We finished off the night watching Jon an Kate plus 8 and Food Network Challenges

Food Journal 4/22
(I always eat always an I wasn’t starving at all yesterday soo that’s a good change because my stomach is always wanting more)
This is all thru the day mind you spread out

-1 ½ smores poptarts (cant help it I love them so)
-1 cup of peaches
-1 lil baggy of Life cereal (Looooovveeee Life)
-2 Healthy choice cheese sticks (Really tasty)
-1 small glass of 2% milk w/ nesquick (I cant seem to make the change to skim milk)
-2 cups of water
-1 boiled egg
-2 Pieces of fat free Lunch meat (Healthy Choice Honey Ham)
-1 Small serving of Wheat Ravioli Cheese pasta covered with a lil bit of spaghetti sauce (3 cheese) and sprinkled with Asiago cheese (BEST CHEESE EVER)
-1/3 cup of green beans
-1 glass of milk w/ nesquick (what it was a long day I needed the chocolate goodness)
-1 Tuna salad Sandwich on whole wheat bread
-1 small serving of carrot chips
-6 or so strawberries covered w. low fat yogurt

That wrapped up Wed