Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Recap

Sit on my Behind Saturday….

So tryin to recall the past few days im exhausted UGH.. The kids insisted on playing wii till lunch time. I snacked on a nice fruit plate I made myself an caught up on email an some reading..


Currently read “How to be Lovely “ a book of Audrey Hepburns life .. I adore her (the books about her life an quotes she said an her outlook on life)

I made myself a turkey burger on whole wheat bread .. it was ok but no substitute for a hamburger.. o im craving Fuddruckers now.. darn it

Then we went an to lowes to help danny find some paint … The kids decided to sing the K I S S I N G song … the entire time lol … after that we got snow cones had not had one in awhile it was very refreshing.

It started to sprinkle so we went home an watch some tv. Then we went to walmart to get ingredients for spaghetti ..I made mine with on the side with whole wheat noodles and in my sauce I added chicken cilantro shallots and onion.. yummy. (I later found out they don’t like spaghetti just the noodles ..)

We sat down an watched Wallace and Gromit the curse of the Wererabbit .. too cute.. Then we watched disney’s Hercules .. they took baths an put the kids to bed.. I was beat so I didn’t work out.

Food Journal 4/25

½ Apple
1 banana
6 blackberries
2 strawberries
1 cookie ( couldn’t help it)
½ roasted zucchini
1 roasted carrot
4 roasted broccolis
1 turkey burger w/ cheese
3 whole piece of whole wheat bread
1 handful of cheetoes
1 serving of corn
1 serving of whole wheat pasta w/ spaghetti sauce(w. cilantro,chicken,onions and shallots)
1 capri sun
2 waters

Sizzling Sunday

Had a huge argument with my sister OMG don’t even get me started. Made breakfast for the kids snack on some fruit. Went to walmart to pick up are next activity .. Side Walk Chalk .. Yeahhh. It was a pretty day outside so we decided to draw


AN play with bubbles.. Then we walked to the park .. I played tag for a bit an then walked around the slides an swing sets a few times while they played. Went home an watched back to back Scooby doos….

Snacked on buttered noodles… (I learned my lesson about kids an sauces) The parentals came home an relieved me of my duties so Danny an I went an got me swim suits!!!! Hoooorayyy… Then I went to golf course an read while he tried out his new driver. DRUMMMMROOLLLLLL THEN we went to KROGER… HOOORAYYY FOR NEW FOODS…. I bought a ton of fruit veggies whole wheats etc etc.. I was so proud. I made us a nice pesto dinner with whole wheat cheese tortellini.


My snacks for tom. ...

CHeessseeeee.. i can't help myself lol

Some fat free lunch meat

Blackberries an what not

For some odd reason i like older bananas dunno y

Finish pesto product!!
Finished out the night catching up on our shows.. Jon an Kate plus 8 go green.. Fantasy factory .. and Tough Love.
OO I don’t wanna go to work tomorrow im beat :)Grr didn’t work out again I was still really tired.

Food Journal:4/26

1 bananna
2 healthy choice cheese sticks
1 capri sun
1 baggy of cheetoes
1 small serving of whole wheat noodles with unsalted butter
5 pretzels
1 serving of Pesto on whole wheat tortellini..(w. mushrooms chicken shallots onions)
1 serving of green beans
1 blackberry
1 handful of life
1 huge slice of water melon
2 waters w. lemon

???Thinking about investing in a small scale so I can stop using “baggy” as a measurement an actually know how much im eating.. THOUGHTS???

So ends the weekend


  1. what a cute picture of the two of you.

    I say no way to a food scale. I've been there before and got a little obsessed. I think as long as you ballpark what you're eating it'll be ok.

  2. LOVE THE EATS! Girl give me the rercipe for that pasta! And We MUST splurge on Fuddruckers sometime....LOVE their(bad-for-you)cheese sauce!

    Thoughts: Yes, I am strongly against scales! Numbers dont mean much because you could be bloated, full of water, just ate.....blah blah blah....if you feel good and look good that is all that matters! Continue on scale-less! Think more about healthy foods...not numbers....You'll think me later! ;)

  3. oh crap..i just saw that you said food scale! LOL Well, I dont have a food scale because if you eat what you want and stop when your full, then that's good enough for me! Plus getting a scale means starting to count calories, which I am also firmly against! lol ok ok ill get off my soapbox!