Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mondays are overrated

I was at work till flippin 1:32AM I know right …. It was horrid .. I ate bad but I feel that I worked it off I was running around all night doing floor sets here an there… It sucked.. an then I caved an bought a cute shirts an some camis… ooo I didn’t like the end total .. at all at all. I ended up eating chick fila I couldn’t help it. I didn’t really get a wink of sleep with all the storms last night it poured all night long. GOODNESS.
My Monday Food Journal 4/27:

-1/2 WW bagel w/ jam
-5 blackberries
-2 waters
-1 handful of trail mix
-1 handful of life cereal
-1 banana
-1 small cute lil orange (lol ha the things that amuse me)
-1 serving of leftovers (pesto pasta an green beans)
-1 medium tea
-2 chicken strips
-1 small fry
-3 pieces of healthy choice lunch meat
-1 healthy choice cheese stick
Tink Tink Tuesday
(love katt williams... so funny)
Woke up still RAINING!!!!!!
Rain Rain Go Away Come Back another day when i dont want to work out..
So currently im sitting on hold with the dentist ppl an it is just beyond me how you cant schedule a time with the dentist an the hygienist on the same day.. how hard is that grrrr. So thankfully tonight I do not have work so my plan is to go tan after work an then go work out… I mean ill already smell lol I love the look of tan but hate how you smell right when you get out of the bed… ewww I have a to do list ok here it is

-Paint my toes (serious need of polish)
-Do Dishes
-Clean up living room
-Do laundry
-Make Dinner
-Watch a movie (OR catch up on Gossip Girl an Heroes)
-Read or something of that nature
-Pack tomorrows lunch
Wednesday night I am going to have dinner with my wonderful mom whom I adore I cant wait :) My sister and I currently are not speaking I don’t doubt this will continue much longer.. until she needs my help with prom (I do all her an her friends hair an makeup what not have been since the 6th grade) sooo she’ll come around she just doesnt want to admit she is wrong. I just have issues on how unappreciative she is of other esp. my parents. It really kills me the way she acts towards them . I mean by no means was I a saint um no not at all but I got my wild an crazy side out an I hit rock bottom.. I got back up an it been a rocky road each day but I am such a better person now than I was an that’s all I can ask for. But its to the point where my parentals told me they would rather her go thru the wild an crazy stage I went thru then continue to act how she is acting. She is a really great girl I love her dearly but she is a brat. She wont care about anyone or anything unless it benefits her an it just drives me nutz . She has all these opportunities an such a great life but she just could care less thinking that she deserves everything an more without a care of others… I hope its just a phase lol that’s what I keep telling myself its just a phase she will eventually grow out of it .. I did.. its just nerve racking sometimes. Anyways gotta get back to work.




  1. Yes - hopefully it's a phase. She probably won't get it until she's much much older though.

  2. Aww..hopefully youll be reunited soon! :(

    I love Chick-A-Fil (that's what I call it! lol) I havent been there is soo long!

  3. I totally relate to the younger sister being a huge brat issue, luckily my sister has gotten a bit better since entering her 20s!

  4. Ah sucks working late, it's 1:01 am and I am just entering my 3rd of 8hrs at work...boo!

    I can also totally relate to the bratty sister thing. My one sister was/is a complete disaster, although getting better. And my other one is quite self-centered, but I think I am too critical of her sometimes. Hopefully they keep getting better with age!

  5. ugggh, sisters. i dont have one, but ive heard they can be a pain lol. i know that i was a pain in the ass from ages 9-16, so i would hate to see what a little sister would act like!

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  7. wow thats a long to-do list!! hope you get everything done :)
    mm pesto pasta sounds awesome :)