Wednesday, April 22, 2009

1st actual Post

Hola! So heres the thing I have never been one to blog but I figured … why not! Its always good to put your mind at ease an let a lil bit out. The world is moving at such a fast pace these days you kinda tend to get lost in it. By no means is my life perfect but I do feel that given the situations I have been thru I have handled it alright id say. For me that is enough that is all I can ask for. Sure id love to have money an not live from bill to bill… sure id love to be outta debt… sure id love to be able to go school instead of working 3 jobs but that is not where my path currently takes me … But maybe one day one day… Anyways so heres the thing I don’t really have a set thing lol its more or less my thoughts ,events an what not along with my day to day goals. SOoooo currently I have 45 DAYS till schlitterbahn… Excited.. you bet. If ever you were thinking about going I totally recommend it. TOTAL blast. We are going to San Antonito the 1st day do some walking around and water park it up the next 2.. so ready for it. I have been working my lil butt off between 3 jobs (1 full time ,1 part time (nights an weekends) and then I babysit as well) so I need a break .. because honestly im getting burned out..Anywho (I always get sidetracked) I have got to lose some weight. By no means am I calling myself fat im not just very petite with hips so any extra weight shows in the basic problem areas.. o so I have some issues in swimsuits…. My “six pack” is currently covered by a few protective layers. Fact – I have gotten lazy .. with working so much im always really really tired an I don’t have any energy an the spare time I do have I try to catch up on the lil sleep I get. So I am attempting to lose a lil weight an get fit… I will try to achieve my goal by working out a lil bit and trying to eat better… I am not a food nut I LOVE FOOD love it … don’t let my tiny frame fool you I can pack it in with the best of them .. I tend to eat a lot whenever whatever… its not healthy soooo I will attempt (being the key word) to eat better . I am not gonna go cold turkey (um no) but will I try to cut out sodas .. yes … as well as candy, chips, fast food etc etc. I have been keeping a food journal for almost a week an wow I tell ya my eating habits wooooo its interesting. I don’t always have time to work out so I wanted to try to gain energy an lose weight another way as well since I have lil time. Em turned me onto this shes like a genius!! She has given me some tips an helpful info that im pretty stoked to set into motion. Currently I am 122ish lol and Id love to be 115 again buttttttt I don’t require it I just wanna be swimsuit ready…now remember I tend to be lazy an I eat a lot so this is my quest to change that with a lil tweak here an there… Sooooo here we go…
Yesterday :
Worked 8-5:30(super tired) ..
worked out with corey for a wee bit at my apt complex gym:
-Power walked for 5
-Biked for 5
-Elliptical for 5
-2 sets of 10 – bar curls
-2 sets of 10 – triceps
-50 sits up/crunches (changed positions every 10)
-Held the Plank position 4 times for 30 sec each
-Biked for 3
…This has probably been the most ive worked out in like 3 months …. EKK (in my defense I do get sick a lot so yeah)
Also food logged in journal:
(Yesterday was not one of my better days lol but I didn’t have any CANDY or a SODA)
-1 Toasted Sarah Lee w/ Butter (once im done with the loaf of bread im not buying it again thanks to Em I read the label an oo I love the bread but I so don’t need it)
-2 cups of water
-1 Lean pocket (I picked at this more or less 1st time to have one … I know im weird)
-1 freaking huge strawberry
-1 Handful of LIFE cereal (loves it)
-1 Lean Cuisine
-1 Apple
-1 Pickle
-1 Large Tea (w. sugar)
-2 ½ Chicken Sliders
-1 Large Fry
-1 ½ mini egg rolls
-4 or 5 Scoops of Ben an Jerrys Half baked icecream

Also went to the movies with Danny, Katie an SheaShea… say Observe an Report .. pretty funny I love those guys .. A LOT of language thou an theres a dude running around a lot with no clothes.. yea….then I went home an watched Heroes (loves it) and my sister came over to borrow clothes. We do that a lot lol.
Current fav song is BLACKOUT by Muse

An that concludes yesterday.. better get a crack at my reports before lunch .. write more when im done.



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